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  • Associate Broker with Earlywine Real Estate LLC

  • Owner of Parham Heating and Air + Computer Repair

  • Graduated from Humphrey High School

  • Certificate of Proficiency PCCUA in Computer technology

  • Associates Degree PCCUA in Network Administration

  • Managed Real Estate since 1985

  • Want to serve you as Your Real Estate Agent

  • Samuel Parham

    As a Buyer's Agent, this is what I can do for you that you can't do as well for yourself:

    This is what you get with me as your agent.
  • It will cost you nothing if I don't save you money.
  • I will act as your agent in the best interest of you.
  • I can pull past sales reports for like properties that have sold similar to your wanted property.
  • Sales reports will give us an idea range of what like properties ARE selling for and what to offer.
  • I can give you lists of what is available and for what and how long they have been on the market.
  • I can tell you what you need and don't need as presented by the seller or seller's agent.
  • I can let you know your options on purchasing.
  • I am very likely to know more of what to look for in home defects, maybe not.
  • When you close, I get paid by the seller if listed with a reality company. Not you. You save and the seller is the one that pays me for saving you money as YOUR agent.

  • Without a buyer's agent this is what is likely but not certain:
    You may offer way more than the market is selling for since you are going by the asking price.
    You may offer way to low that will not even be close to acceptable.
    You may overlook defects that another would have caught.
    You may trust the Agent representing the Seller.(He is selling in the seller's best interest)
    You may be told that the seller's agent can be a dual agent and serve both you and the buyer.
    You may believe that a dual agent can actually do what is the best for the seller and buyer without shorting one or both of you
    You will likely pay more than necessary for one or more fees or offering price.
    You may trust an Appraisal that was done and shown you as the actually market price for the property.
    (Appraisals can be far away from the value, I recently saw properties listed via the appraisal at $128,750 and $100,950. They both sold for under $15,000 each.
    And the list can go on.

    As a Buyer, having me as your Buyer's Agent can only save you money.

    Please call or contact me to talk to you about your buying needs. The call is free and you have only to gain.

    As a Seller's Agent, this is what I can do for you that you can't or may not want to do for yourself:

  • Able to list your home on a Multiple listing services website.
  • List your home on our website and others.
  • Selling exposure to your property will be much, much greater for potential buyers.
  • 1000's of other agents are competing to sell your home along with myself via services Earlywine Real Estate LLC pays for.
  • I can pull reports of past sales of like properties and give you an average of what they sold for through our service.
  • I can help guide you through the selling process.
  • I can help screen out buyers that are "Just looking" if you wish.
  • I will be the middleman saving you the frustration of dealing with the buyers requests.
  • Recommend what fees and what services need to be paid by you or the buyer.
  • Have a "Get it sold quicker approach" than if you would yourself for the market demands.

  • Without a Seller's agentthis is what is likely but not certain:

  • You will save the commission but lose money via negotiation, fees that normally are paid by the buyer and the following.
  • It will probably take longer to sell driving the negotiating price lower.
  • Underestimate or overvalue the market value of your property as the current sales reflect.
  • May not sell your property due to overvalued asking price and/or sympathy value.
  • May sell your property way lower than the present market value from not knowing the current selling prices.
  • Trust an appraisal that wasn't conducted from your area and/or was done under other conditions or time frame.
  • (Appraisals can be far away from the value, I recently saw properties listed via the appraisal at $128,750 and $100,950. They both sold for under $15,000 each.
  • Have to deal with Buyer's at very inconvenient times and circumstances.
  • Have to deal with the negotiation pressures prospective buyers bring and/or family and friends.This is bigger than you may think.
  • Not know what things to say or not say, which can come back to you after the sale.

  • As your Selling Agent, I will be in your best interest. Give you an idea of what market values have been saying about like property as far as sales demand and pricing. My goal is to sell as quickly as possible, with as little stress for you as possible. Get the best fair price that we can. Be honest and professional in our dealings. Try to save you money on unnecessary fees or those that the buyer should pay. Hopefully make you happy with your selling experience.

    Please call or contact me to talk to you about your property. The call is Free, You have only to gain from the call if nothing but information.

    Contact Information:

  • Phone: 870-672-1452

  • Email:
  • Email:

  • Fax: 888-461-2608

  • Address: 1450 Plafcan Rd, Carlisle, Ar. 72024

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    Arkansas Real Estate License # AB00074139

    Samuel Parham

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